Most of my clients want a very natural look, without looking like they are wearing a lot of make up.  Cosmetic tattooing works well with that intention - it enhances your own appeal - it gives you color and definition every day!  Your brows are in place day after day, your eyes and lips are well defined.  You have color where it needs to be, even through hot summer days, swimming, dancing and workouts.  You wake up and your make up is in place!

Please be ready to allow adequate time for YOU and YOUR FACE!  I like to take my time as we formulate your precise color and achieve the perfect shape for your chosen procedure.  You guide me every step of the way..... you tell me what you like!  I work with your look and tastes to help be a convenience for you!  Most procedures are 2 - 3 hours with the actual tattooing taking the least amount of that time.

Tattooing is a precision surface abrasion, done in a very clean environment with sterile instruments; it is much cleaner and far less severe than most common skin injuries such as a cat scratch or skinned knee.  You are given written and verbal instructions for healing and the guidelines are very simple. The average healing time is 7 - 10 days and a slight flaking happens as the skin regenerates itself.

All procedures involve a follow up visit approximately 6 weeks after the initial session.  Because the color looks much darker initially and heals much lighter (up to 60 % lighter) I like to allow a follow up visit to insure that you are thrilled with the results.  This follow up session is where we can perfect any color loss you may have, alter shapes, sizes and make minor color changes, if desired.  You will have had 6 weeks to inspect, live with and enjoy your new procedural color.  Skin has a mind of its own and is unpredictable!  I like to compensate for that by having the opportunity to perfect what might need additional work!

I am conservative in my makeup taste and style.  Generally, unless you ask for drama in your look, I tend to go for a minimalist look at first, knowing that we have an opportunity to go bolder and darker in about 6 weeks.  Most of my clients are thrilled with the option to start slowly and add to their look in a few weeks.  I do not dictate my style onto you; I prefer to be a convenience for you and re-create what you are used to seeing in the mirror. I am happy to make cosmetic suggestions and offer my opinion if asked, but only if asked!

Restorative micropigmentation is a term used to describe tattooing that hides scars and visually works at recreating a natural skin tone that has been lost because of injury or surgery.  The most widely used procedure is nipple/areola restoration, where a client who has lost one or both breasts because of mastectomy and surgical reconstruction can opt to have the illusional color of the nipple/areola placed on the breast mound.  This is sometimes known as a 3-D effect because the illusion is quite remarkable.

All of my tattooing, cosmetic and decorative is done at my studio located at 9-13 Boston Street, the Charles Ro Building, in Lynn, MA.  We are on the second floor.


Juli Moon Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Juli was born in North Carolina and filtered through Germany, Northern Virginia and Maryland. She has lived in New England since 1990.
Juli, a licensed professional tattoo artist with nearly 40 years of experience, places the health and comfort of her clients above all else. She is a Massachusetts licensed esthetician as well as one of the original board members of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT). She is currently a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and receives referrals from Plastic Surgeons throughout New England.